End Game Widget Help

I have a game that features mining. Basically I need a End Game Widget to show who mined the most Blocks. Is it possible to show ALL the types of the blocks in ONE widget, and how much they were mined, and also show the players name who mined the most? If so how :PP

Most Blocks mined:
Player: Shadow

Dynamic Dirt: 46
Dynamic Sand: 34
Dynamic Stone: 15
Dynamic Copper: 22
Dynamic Silver: 10
Dynamic Gold: 8
Dynamic Ruby: 3
Dynamic Diamond: 12

All the blocks that need to be shown in one widget in case I wasn't clear

Add them all together in a single property, and then display that property. I don’t know how the dynamic terrain works, so it might be more complex than that.

Yeah, but like I need it to track for every player, and update is values constantly, and It can’t be based on how much in in a players inventory as you can place blocks.

Hard to convey the idea

When ever a block is broken, increase a player-scoped property. Then, display that in the widget.

Actually for the widget you can’t show the property because he wants to show who has the MOST blocks not how many blocks the player mined. Is there a specific time limit to the game or a way to end it?

I gtg but I trust someone to take over

Yes and no, it can go either way really

The game ends when there is only one player left

If I was to go with your idea how would I like track the block or something like that

I design more than code, so I don’t really know what I’m doing, while pretending to understand everything here :3 :skull:

WAITWAITWAIT I READ THAT SO WRONG, yes that makes sense.

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