Elimination zone

Does anyone have any idea how to check if players are knocked in a specified zone? I have a zone, but I want to have all players knocked in that zone go toward a counter, and then turn them to spectators, but only in that zone. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Yeah, I got some ideas to use items a a counter for lives, but how could I only use them in the specific zone to count? Is there a way to have a checker constantly check every player in the zone?

you want it to see the number of players, right in a certain zone. Correct?

no, just see if a person is knocked in the zone

or see if you can check items constantly in a zone

Ok add a text devise and make it say “Knockout” as the text, the wire it to a knockout manager and wire the KM to the zone, so when a player dies, a text will pop up on their screen saying they’ve been knockout.

It will only pop up if they dies in that zone.

That doesnt work. a KM can only activate/deactivate the zone.

Give me on second why i try this for my self and see if i am correct.

Ok so get out theses devices, zone, KM, and Popup. Change the channel name to knock out and wire the Km first, to the Pop up(it should be wired as target knocked out, pop up pops up), them wire the zone to the KM and wire it as player enterszone, activeat manager.

No, I want to see if a player is knocked in a zone so I can make them spectate

Well… You don’t have to check. Just turn a trigger that does what you want to do on when the player enters the zone, and turn it off when they leave.

Of course, a lifecycle listening for a player being knocked out would have to trigger that trigger.

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well, I need to see if the player is knocked in a limited zone, though

everywhere else, it doesn’t matter

Yeah. Activate the trigger when the player enters the zone. Deactivate it if the player exits. All the scopes should be player.

The trigger does what you want, so if the player is in the zone, the trigger will do the thing when the player dies. Outside the zone, the trigger will not do it because it’s deactivated.

what do you mean? I don’t understand

So the trigger can only broadcast to a team switcher that switches to spectator if it’s activated, right?