Element Ideas and Debuffs and Buffs to add

i have an idea for an element:
Technology :computer:
Buffs: quite fast and pretty powerful, (almost) immune to electricity
debuffs: can easily get screwed over by water, and doesn’t have too much health.

Also, is this based off of elemental battlegrounds by any chance?


elemental battlegrounds.

that’s a name I haven’t heard In a while.

element name: Sand :cactus:

it deals good damage, 1.25x, no debuffs, it only has rare weapons, that’s all.

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Light Of The Squid And Foxes
Summons Squid And Foxes
Debuffs:Fox Overload Makes You Move Slow
Gives You A Legendary Weapon

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Second idea for an element (sorry if I stole someones idea):
Magma / Lava :volcano:
Buff: very tanky
Debuff: Pretty sow

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earth bending could build but has 0.90 speed :earth_americas: :earth_americas:

3rd idea (I’m bored so im doing another one):
Explode :boom: (I couldn’t put explos ion)
Buff: Fast and has 1.5x power
Debuff: every attack does a little damage to the user (kinda like a kamikaze)

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Elemental reactions, maybe.
For example:
Fire exposed to water = evaporate (respawn instantly) debuff
Water exposed to ice = freeze (become slower) debuff
Water exposed to earth = grow (become faster) buff
Earth exposed to fire = burn (become slow then respawn) debuff
Air exposed to earth = fly (become faster) buff
air exposed to water = hydrated (gotta stay hydrated!) buff


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mind control: make every players with in a 3 stud radius be on your team (so they wont attack you but instead attack others) you can make this with tag zone, gameoverlay, and a team switcher.

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Shame for this guy… Shame…
He was suspended, he wont come back…