Effects happen to only the creator

I’m a new creator so this might be an easy fix but any effect only happens to me, except for the inventory manager. The speed, removing items, adding items, shield over time, etc, don’t happen to other players. It happens in FFA too (don’t know if that is useful.)

There’s ways to do special stuff for the game host, but it’s a bit more advanced for a creator. You have to have a property thats set to your players name, and check if its the same as the creators name using a trigger. But that’s easy to fabricate, so also make it to where there’s a questioner that asks a question only you know the answer to then activate the special features if you answer it right.

Are you sure you put a relay?

On game start, it only does the host. But a relay does it for everyone. Check that out.

That did the job, thanks!

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All you have to do for the CREATOR not host, is when game start have a trigger and make block code so check if triggering player’s name = your name, then broadcast “a” and you can make all sorts of stuff for that channel.

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