EE/main quest checkpoints?(COD ZOMBIES map)

Instead of making this like an actual easter egg from COD Zombie and having you do complicated steps in the right order, i’m doing a boss that you have to eliminate at the end. I realized some problems: What if the player couldn’t predict where an enemy/zombie’s projectile was heading, and they were low on health and they return to the very beginning. Yeah, i was thinking of this to be a solo/co-op easter egg/main quest and people cannot rage quit,so i need help making checkpoints. I know i can trust any one of you guys to help, fellow zombie hunters!
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Make an invisible Vending Machine next to a barrier above a teleporter, kinda like the ones in One Way Out if you’ve played it.
Then the teleporter leads to another one to a stage where the player once was so if the player dies, they can return back to the checkpoint


And the checkpoints can’t be everywhere. It must be at a certain point, so it’s rewarding

Yeah, so basically one room with all the checkpoints like in One Way Out
(also i forgot to mention but make sure the vending machines for the checkpoints are not active on game start and activate when you clear the room associated with that checkpoint)


how do i do the invisible vending machines and stuff

“If you can’t find a device setting, look in the “All Options tab.” -@NavyCatZ


so now what? i turned it off so it cant be seen in game

You can’t see it in-game, but it is still interactable and purchasable.
I just suggested making it invisible in-game so it’s not that messy.


yeah yeah i know, what’s the next thing i have to do for checkpoint?

Did you do everything I mentioned in this previous post?

If yes, you’re done.
How it works is when the player buys from the Vending Machine, it deactivates the barrier covering the teleporter and allows the player to return to their previous progress.


some of it seems very confusing

Okay, let me get some pictures, just wait.

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So is this going to work?

You could use lasers which have preview lines and you can lower the damage on.

I can already make the lasers deal less damage, i need the checkpoints

respawners, that is what you need.

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Ok, how do i make them into checkpoints

Player presses button (that activates checkpoint) → Increment Counter (that is tied to property “checkpointlevel”)

Player Knocked Out (lifecycle) → Trigger

Block code:

broadcast message on channel (create text with) [checkpoint] (get property) [checkpointlevel]

Then, have teleporters teleport you to a certain place, like at checkpoint1. I got this from @Myze


thanks a ton, buddy! Really helped me out today!


so first,do i need to wire the lifecycle to the trigger?