Capture the flag game wont work

So i was making a ctf game but turns out i got the flag but the thing is im bringing it back to base and it wont work cause of a red forcefield.

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This is because you cannot go into the force field if you are the same team as your flag configured in the settings.
You could disable the setting though.

Also, look in capture-the-flag for guides on capture-the-flag and welcome to the community @septhen247!

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Or maybe his settings

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That’s what I said.

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thanks. im new cause my class tryed it but the thing is i was losing cause i was flaling alot but i could of won

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the thing is idk where the setting is


If it works, don’t forget to mark a solution!


it helps now
now im gonna use this map for my class

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thanks for welcoming me its a pleasure.

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thanks im very new tbh but my game is working out rn

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