Dynamic dirt player limit bug

there should be a no-build zone
elaboration: i have a tag game and you get dirt to build with but in the lobby (peace zone) if some rude person were to build with no way to get out, there would be NO way to get out because you cant fire weapons there.
the item granter description still says “give/ take away” but it cant take away items. so we need something for that.
(with proper wiring/channeling both would solve the problem…)

Use negative for when granting items.
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thank you also, i found another (although not as good) solution,

see the arrows that say “tag” at the sides? so i could scoot them over a bit, and there would be two squares where they couldn’t build

also, to be nice I tried to sub, but youtube was either wonking out or blocked, and I back doored my way into the search bar through url error and couldnt find it, so, oh well.

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