Duplicate guide [mark a solution and don't reply]

This is for all the people who are making thumbnails.

🛏 - Props

Cora (1)l
Cora (2)l
Cora (3)l
Cora (4)l
Cora (5)l
Cora (6)l
Cora (7)l
Cora (8)l(1)
Cora (9)l
Cora (10)l




i will not be able to finsh this. please take this down

hey uh i think there are already a guide about this.

ok. then here is another

This is a duplicate, which are unnecessary clutter. If you keep this, I will have to flag it.

uhhhhhh not really

because one he can’t delete it ever since he commented.
2 we didn’t even see what he gonna put in his topic first.
3 there might actually not be a topic that has what he has in his topic. who knows?

@VoidFluffy, i tried to take it down. told me to tell the sites administrater

Ok. Then let’s just keep it and hope you have enough time to finish. Good luck!

he only have one day because he tl1

Hurry up you only have one day to edit this!

@Mattnosport don’t ping josh
I’m changing this to devices mark a solution when I do

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