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I have witnessed numerous amazing individuals trying to find map ideas. However, today marks the end of their struggles.

Thees sections contain pvp tycoon simulator tag and many more


you could start off with zone where you have to capture and the defend if you lose the zone try and claim another zone the first team to claim all five -7 zones your choice
will win

you could try a bot battle see which team can take out all bots the fastest as they get stronger every time however you will need a timer for this

and lastly capture the flag but with spys (that would be cool) defence builders healers and imposters and many more…

tycoons and fun

tycoons as you know many people choose pvp but what if you want to play solo well here are some ideas for tycoons

factory tycoon
medievil tycoon could use pvp
ww1 tycoon tycoon could use pvp
ww2 tycoon tycoon could use pvp
theese ideas could also include pvp if you whant also i will be creating a guide on a laser door that only allow the player to pass through it so no inoying people tag you all the time


I am are aware that creating simulators can be challenging, but by referring to a few other guides, I can assist our wonderful individuals.
simulator ideas
coin breaker -this could be used with wepons where you blastobjects to earn cash unlocking zones basicaly pet sim 99 on roblox
fnaf-you should know what this is
roleplay- answer questions to your friends peacefull mode
superpower simulator
space simulator
space survivle
or a car trip down a dusty road


now you need to go gentle with this as you might get banned
so try keep the game mild
horror ideas
parking lot mystery-serching cars as your a thief but then start geting creepy as you go down deeper into the parking lot you can add more ideas
lift up- but what if down- could use platform lift gets therther down as you go but watch out hes coming
home town mystery-descover somone at 3 am robing your house …
clue mystery

and thats it for now more will come

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so guys how do you like it

what’s the point of this guide? I recommend making the guide’s use clearer as well as your writing.


Its a good idea but I feel like there are enough of these.
[ :newspaper: Resources] Resources for Map Ideas - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
Also its very confusing to just read walls of text without any punctuation or anything.
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well people need help i understand that
ive been with gimkit most of its life with me starting a ytube chanale and much more if you want i can take it down
hours of work
if you want i make vid instead about this

Last that I saw of Foxy, she said the resource guides aren’t being made anymore. Anyone know if this is true?

but isn’t this literally the same as this?
Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)
also. PLEASE work on your writing

sythic check the raw

im dislexic sorry
thx for info

1.Search Before you post

3.you’ll probably need to add more pictures and words
4.This is pretty much a duplicate of the map ideas to cure your boredom thing

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okay i take down im testing somthing on gkc

What is this?
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just . . . . . . . . .

There is already a wiki for this.
Next time, search before you post.


Great ideas, but there are multiple guides similar to this. Please search before you post a topic and you’ll probably find an answer/already made guide.


Shoot posted on the wrong topic (SORRY! Please don’t reply after this) Forums asked me to choose which topic to post on for some reason, and I posted here. I have no idea what happened.

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