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Some of the official GK games like DLD or Tag use energy to move. Here’s how you can do that:

Require energy to move

Required: 1 Movement Meter
Set Movement Meter to require Energy. It’s that easy! You can fiddle with the other settings also if you want.

Answer questions to get energy

Required: 1 Item Granter, 1 Questioner, 1 Game Overlay
For the questioner, set it to open on channel GetEnergy and transmit on Correct when answered correctly. Place it somewhere where the player cannot reach.
For the Item Granter, just make it grant Energy when receiving on Correct.
For the Game Overlay, set it to be a button labeled Get Energy that transmits on GetEnergy when pressed.

And there you have it! If there’s any way I can improve this, please let me know.

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this is in the documentary and has multiple guides with more details

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