Dragon boss battle help

In my game, There is a boss battle with a dragon, the dragon breathes fire, I did this using slingshots. there is a :dragon_face: on top of the sentry.In the boss battle room there are 3 sectors
I hope you guys can see the images
when you enter sector 2, the sentries in sector 1 and 2 deactivate and the text is hidden.
I want this to have the illusion that the dragon is “flying over” when you change sectors,
I couldn’t find a way to do this as you can only deactivate the sentry and hide the text with 1 channel for example, you enter sector 2 from 3.
when the player leaves the zone → hide text and deactivate sentry.
but the problem is if I want any more channels to be transmitted to the text and the sentry, if the player enters the sector if you enter sector 2 from 1 you. wouldn’t be able to transmit it as the "hide text option is already used from the 2-3 option. is there anyway to do this another way?

Update: I won’t be able to mark a solution or reply to anything within the next hour, ill reply and mark a solution as soon as I can.

Have you made the text not visible when game starts on? And you could do a zone and connect it to a wire and activate the sentry when players come into the zone…

I’ll try it

bypass character limit

Just put letters between these
< >
It makes them invisible.

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ah, ok.

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Thank you

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well…you could have some not that visible barriers activated in a sequence to show the dragons shadow…

im not smart enough to do the BIG stuff

wydm by activated in a sequence how would I do it?

Animate it.

Thank you!

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