Dptb Help With an Event I made

Well one of my events are a tsunami And look at this

it will be annoying to place more stuff because of it but Is there a way You can help and or is there a way to lock item

Wait, what you mean by lock item?

You know like lock frames?

I swear I saw a option once on it

oh like stop it? with like a button?

No to make it so I cant accidently move it or tap it

oh like the trigger?

So you want to make the water in the tsunami, stop?

no the WATER is there a way to lock frames!

Maybe you can cut off the next frame with a channel? I won’t know how though

The tsunami works!?AAAAGH just can I make it so when im editing I dont accidently move it!

I don’t know then. But maybe you can’t ask someone

Forget it then just forget it

my only idea is to move the tsunami away, and when you wanna start it, move it back

Did that but annoying due to other items getting moved sometimes but its fine I can deal with it

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Alright. Good luck with your Dptb game though!

MY tsunami Thing is so cool

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