Double-Triple Relay Interactions/Mechanic Optimization

So… this is a topic from a long time ago brought back. Have any double-triple relay Interactions been found that are useful? I’m trying to optimize a game. Any mechanics that have been optimized using (or not using) this technique would be nice…

What interaction do you need? As far as I know, we haven’t really been doing relay interactions.

Just any that would sound useful. Like if a known mechanic has been optimized.

There’s a device post about it.

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I’m mostly good with just props decor but not blocks and repeaters

Then why did you reply -_-


you mean relays?

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Well I don’t have any new relay interactions, but I could help you optimize it. What do you want to optimize?

I don’t think I’ve found any new relay interactions. Also, glad to see you back @mysz!

I was just wondering if any mechanics in the past (on and off-lasers as an example) were optimized memory-wise (I STILL CAN’T GET ON DISCORD).

I’ve optimized adding, subtracting, and multiplying counter-properties if you want that… (I know it’s a terrible thing to optimize)

I’ll just keep this open in case something is found.

umm no I’m good with relays, facepalm I mean triggers and delaying them

but this isn’t that topic :confused:


hmm this isn’t the @mysz ik (his sis prob on)

hmm, well this isn’t the correct topic. I’ve been trying to be nice, but leave please. you’re not contributing anything to it and just cluttering it up with random unrelated stuff


yup its him :grin:

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Are you even listening to mysz?


please stop.

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ok ok I’m going (gotta charge my Chrome cuz if I dnt I can cook and egg)