[dont reply, skin idea]

since its becoming summer, fire gim!!!

The forums aren’t for suggesting gimkit skins.

yes please delete this before flag hunters will get to you

You can submit ideas here!

but how do I delete this post?

You can’t once people have replied
My fault on that I should’ve just changed the title sry

mark a solution for it to be gone

what on earth is a flag hunter?!
some people tend to flag more and stuff, but what’s a flag hunter

flag hunters are poeple that look throughout the forums to just flag stuff to get them well you know, flagged

People that flag almost every single post they see
But we really shouldn’t be calling people names

there’s no such thing…

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that’s in a fairytale bro

Yeah but they’re most referred to as flag warriors

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anyway, anyone whoo flags this isn;t a flag warrior as this deserves flags.

@gimbotato5689 please mark a solution for this to be gone (right decision? @THEHACKER120)

what do they do if they flag you :anguished:

We should stop replying now.
@gimbotato5689 you just get like a strike from the mods. They don’t tell you anything but if the flags pile up users can eventually get banned.

They aren’t? Well their technically considered real by some people…

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flag warriors aren’t real

quoted from @getrithekd’s bio

“I’m also a flag warrior. Whenever somebody posts anything, I flag it, even if it is on topic. I always flag every post, and if I see no posts to flag, I flag my own. I flag 1k+ posts a day. I love killing the forums. I hope to bring flags to every topic and every post and every reply to a post and every reply to a reply to a post you can ever find.”

He’s being sarcastic here by the way

there’s no way a person would go around flagging posts because they feel like it. if someone was to flag this post (which people probably did) it’s because it was off topic


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