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Hello everyone,
I’m new to the community and just wanted to show my progress on my FNAF map. It’s almost done. I will just add the ITS ME glitch and I still need to make Freddy and Chica. Other than that, i’m pretty much done. I hope you all enjoy , and I will add some short videos showcasing Bonnie & Foxy!

That’s all for now, hope you liked it! I will make some guides if you guys really like it! (Sorry I could only upload one screenshot so I will post more!)

This is a showcase, not a help

Please don’t post this. Also, FNAF games are banned from being published

This, as blizzy said is a show case, its very off topic, welcome to the community tho

Welcome to the community!
Remember though, showcases aren’t allowed here, is there something specific do you need help with?
If there is none, you can recategorize this to Community Made Guides and add steps for others to follow.

oh, when was this told?

I don’t know. I heard from @Haiasi

You’re allowed to make something similar but you can’t make FNAF. You can make Ten Nights at Teddy’s, Three Nights at Theodore’s, but nothing that is FNAF

Thank you! I guess I will just make a guide but since FNAF maps are banned from being published then I guess I will just have to make it a guide so people can play with their friends

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Yes, you just can’t publish them. You can make them, though. Nice map!

So I can make a fnaf game it just can’t be called fnaf?

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also, I am pretty sure you can’t showcase.

thank you so much! I appreciate it.

Yeah. Just change the characters, that stuff. Great Map, though!

thanks, it’s not really the map

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I know. I like your art, I mean.

Maybe mark a solution to close this? Idk…

Oh, thank you so much!

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Um how do I delete this

well just mark a solution,