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Welcome to another one of my guides. This one is on NPCs.
First get a sentry. Then put it wherever. Next grab a barrier from devices. Change the color to any or just don’t. Then make the barrier in visible by go do the settings for it click appearance then change the transparency to 0.01.

Next place the barrier on the sentry. Make sure you also set it to where the border is not visible. Then change the sentry to any skin. There you go!

(The barrier makes it so that they can not damage you)

we have guides for this already

OOps I’m sorry I did not know.

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At least mine is not a complete copy.

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I have a section in my guide that includes this exact system

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depends on if it is a completely or mostly different version if so than it can be like this
“the foxian version to an animation system!” aka my simplified and tuneable animation system

Moreover, we don’t need guides only about placing a barrier in front of sentries.
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