Dont reply (accidental-post)

dont reply this was a mistake and i accidentally went against guidelines

i don’t know if it against the Guidelines

Sadly, @Li1_reaper this goes against the guidelines. But you could wait until someone has posted a I need a thumbnail post

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fr! dang bruh ig i can do that ill rename it to accidental post

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I am making a game where their are different gamemodes:
Open Battle

Make a thumbnail pls, i dont want pictures of every gamemode, instead, a whole image.
This should be a challenge

Wait how is this against guidlines?
This is like a thumbnail request post

Cool, also this isn’t allowed here. Pls mark a solution so we can close the post. (also someone should add a thumbnail tag, maybe it could become legal one day?)

I don’t think you can go asking for if you need thumbnails or not.

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wait im confused am i fine?? but i renamed it so should i make a nother post?

i just posted it figuring that since the forums is about helping people i could make a guide and it would be fine

This forum is still a mess today

people keep fighting

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Oh… that makes sense but this converastion:

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Theres also been like 5 off topic pots and one banspeedrunner-ish user.


alright sorry guys i tried

yeah, i see why the forums are crumbling…
But lets hope for the best

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Yeah… I agree

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Uh THAT WAS FROM JANUUARY??? Ig I was new and didnt know not to put numbers in front when doing the <>

Yeah that’s true. :rofl:

@Morepeko8 since the solution was marked, I don’t wanna reply more to this topic so I’m editing this one.
I wonder why… maybe check your padlet home page? Or your Gmail again?

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Thanks, might wanna put a password on that…

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