Don't Press the Button #3

I was making don’t press the button but is this block code good so far?

Should the signs(Like < or > or =) be from the math section or should it just be from the logic section?

Right now it’s from the logic section

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What are you going to accomplish with this blockcode?

Wait I know

I looks ok to my perspective.


A luck meter.

I would try this instead to keep it consistent:

set luck to randint(1,100)
  if luckevent <= 33
  do broadcast message "BADLUCK"
  elseif luckevent <= 66 and luckevent>=33
  do broadcast message "NEUTRALLUCK"
  elseif luckevent <= 100 and luckevent >= 66
  do broadcast message "GOODLUCK"

@twofoursixeight do you get those signs from the math or the logic section?

@twofoursixeight I used your block code but sometimes an event doesn’t occur and nothing happens.

scrnli_11_17_2023_1-21-05 PM

also that:

i made a few mistakes. here is a simpler version:

set luck to randint(1,3)
  if luckevent = 1
  do broadcast message "BADLUCK"
  elseif luckevent =2
  do broadcast message "NEUTRALLUCK"
  elseif luckevent =3
  do broadcast message "GOODLUCK"
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Can I still use the other one though? Or should I use this one? And also yeah I used logic because math wouldn’t fit into the gap it wouldn’t let me so I used logic because that just sounds logical(lol).

The simpler one I made might be workable

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