Don’t look down game mode

I want to do the don’t look down gamemode with my students, but I do not see the option to play it live.

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That’s because it’s not out yet. Welcome back!

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I was wondering the same thing until I logged on an alt and the news popped up and they just announced it.

I closed it on my main

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This is considered off topic because it is not related to gimkit creative. Please don’t post this in the forums.

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I do believe that the game will be more of a platformer type of game.

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We have already found the solution, which is that it has not been released yet. Therefore, please close this matter.


I think it’s releasing next week or so… I’m playing this first minute it’s out.

Josh has said the following:

  • As of 4 days ago, the gimkit team needs to touch up a few things with platformer mode, and actually make the gamemode.
  • Josh said yesterday that he hopes to host a gimkit gamenight in the gimkit discord this week, which he only does when an update is about to come out/has come out.

From this, it’s reasonable to assume that Don’t Look Down will release sometime this week, or early next week. This is all assumption though, and josh has yet to confirm a release date.


I always wonder what go on behind the screens… Does josh pay a group of developers to make Gimkit?

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Hey guys, this is off topic, you might want to stop talking about it. Someone might flag you

But i too, understand the excitement about this game mode, it sounds awesome :)))))))))))))

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you can jump now yay

What did i just say?

BRUH anyways yeah we are all excited but this topic is off topic so STOP POSTING ABOUT IT

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