Does two questioners for one question set work?

Sorry, but I don’t want to publish until the game is complete.

If I have two questioners for different purposes (one to collect energy and one to collect snowballs), will it mess anything up when I publish?

  1. Will the chosen question set be the same for both functions?
  2. Will the game carry out the appropriate actions for the assigned questioner?


They’ll both work fine.

  1. Yes, as long as both questioners are blank (if you fill in the url they’ll be whatever questions the url links to)
  2. Yeah, the questioners are each wired or broadcast to their respective triggers or whatever… Think of a questioner as an object. Like anything else multiple of it work.
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I’m pretty sure you can use 1 questioner to grant both of those items

I want them granted separately, at any time. Like they can “rest” or “pick up snow” using two different overlay buttons.

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