Does this hide and seek map look good?


Looks pretty good, but I suggest that you use layers in the beach and not put text. Also, you might not want to post this sort of stuff because it could be considered off topic. Anyways, it looks nice!

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Wow, that’s great! Good work so far! I suggest you take off your name and join codes.

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It looks good! I have an idea where you could add a speed boost to players while on the ice.

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It looks amazing! how long did it take you to do this?

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Looks good! Maybe try making the text for each location a different font and color to make it look more interesting? (Did you use my guide? I notice the seeker text is the same. If you did, I’m honored I could help!)

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Looks good but you could make some objects bigger or smaller and try not to repeat tree patterns

What is the main theme that you are wanting? I can make pretty much anything and I would like to help out.

Looks good i love it

when can we play it pls reply

Welcome to the community @fandom!
I suggest reading Community Made Guides in forum-tips, beginner-must-read and new-user-must-read.
It you need help with anything, just ask!
After all, this is a Community Forum.

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You can’t post codes here.
Ask the creator on the wixsite to post it there.

Welcome to the forum, @fandom !

Welcome to the the forum, @fandom!!

You are not able to post codes on the forum.

Oops sorry @Haiasi didn’t see your reply.

Welcome to the forum, @fandom!

Welcome to the forums @fandom!

Welcome to the community @fandom!

@lcornwell3923, this is off-topic and does not have anything to do with the forum. The froum is meant to post guides showing ways to make things, post questions that need answers, and/or answer those questions. This is not any of those. Next time remember what is and isn’t allowed on the forum because you might get flagged for being off-topic.

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