Does the code blocks save variables between each trigger?

I want to know if a trigger triggers every one second, each trigger it has a variable set to +1. Does it reset each time or does the variable data save?

For example:

Idk for sure but what I do anyway is have the variable set as a property and at the end of the block code I set the same property as the variable.

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Can’t you just use the property if you’re going to use it anyway?

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yeah, your an use property “x”
-----------------------------value get property “x” + 1

no it does not, but if you name it the same name it will. Same trigger one uses a variable called “var” and you make a variable on trigger two called “var” it will match as one.

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So you’re saying if I name a var the same on two diff triggers it will transfer over?

tenically yes. its like using a channel name, it connects.

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