Does my Lobby look good

voting is at the bottom

you should probably include a pic of the actual lobby

Nevermind, ignore this.

there it is!

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@2nd_place_guy among-us is only for guides I removed it for a reason please don’t put it back

That looks nice, but you should probely use less spawn pads.

I’d think for a map that looks like One Way Out, a little broken glass.

ok sorry I didn’t know I thought it was if you had some what of Among Us

so wait what are regulars

ok @Foxy

ok @Morepeko8

trust level 3 on the forums not a huge deal we get to make wiki’s and change the title and tags of posts that aren’t update topics

maybe instead of rectangle tables, use cicular ones, like in among us @2nd_place_guy

like this




Does it look good

does it look good
  • yes
  • no
  • need improvements and tell me why
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