Does anyone know how to make this work? (if possible)

I need two sentries shooting at each other with weapons that when played together sound like a thunderbolt
(videos with the sound playing is appreciated)

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the thunder bolt thing will probably not work however you just need to have the sentries on different teams to get them to shoot at each other.

I have them on different teams

Are they not shooting at each other???

oh wait I made this for a different map where a tree fell over :person_facepalming:

I guess copy the link

Didn’t work.

oh thats weird
Wait how do you get a link to work
Like actually be able to be clicked

Click the hyper link button (Looks like a chain)

Copy and paste the link where is says paste URL code.


yes I see the blue text but I put it in and it didn’t work

Must be an invalid link :thinking:

(You can just mark my reply as a solution and people will probably understand what the solution was)

I think we should stop before we get accused of being off-topic

No, no, no :rofl:
The first post made

screen-capture (14)

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the code is invalid
don’t go crazy

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Oooooooh! I understand what you mean you just wanted a sound effect… yeah, experiment with all of the gadgets and if none of them give the wanted results its a bust. :frowning:

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