Does anyone know how to make one input make something happen to every player at once?

I am attempting to make CS:GO in Gimkit, I call it CS:GIM, and I can’t find a way to make my bombs respawn everyone. I have it set up so when the button is pressed for setting the bomb, it goes to a checker to see if the player has a certain item to see if they are terrorist or counter, and whether to reset the repeater or start the bomb countdown. Currently I haven’t found a way to make all of the players respawn when my counter reaches 0.It only respawns the player who presses it. I also can’t just find a way to completely reset the game, because i have a shop system and actual points for how many times the bomb has successfully gone off and been stopped.

I don’t think it is possible at the time( I am bad at devices) Also Welcome to the forums

Oh, so like valorant?

Use this guide

You could also use blocks to check the triggering player’s team number once triggered by the trigger instead of using checkers.

Once you’ve followed the guide, go to the Trigger’s blockcode, create a new block “When Triggered” and put these blocks in:


if Triggering Player’s Team Number = 1 
do Broadcast Message On Channel “reset”

else if Triggering Player’s Team Number = 2
       do Broadcast Message On Channel “startbombcountdown”

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Did it work, @BrickbyeBrick?

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I have it set up so it needs to go off while the players are in that zone, not when they walk in, how would I do that?

Okay, so like the spike in valorant?

Player Enters Zone > Start Repeater?

Use this for the timer but make it decrement and have a starting value.
It should have a Target Value of 0.

Then, connect the counter to a Relay (all players) and the Relay to a Respawn Device (all players on the team trying to detonate the spike, configure to your liking)


`(Counter) Target Value Reached —> (Relay) Trigger Relay)

(Relay) Relay Trigger —> (Respawn) Respawn Player

I don’t play valorant, but it’s set up in a way so when the button is pressed and the check goes through, the repeater changes the value on a counter. When it reaches the target value, all players need to respawn at the same time.

You don’t need a checker, you could just use a trigger with blockcode to detect when a player enters the zone.

But they are in the zone already. Unless I find a way to teleport everyone at the same time, that won’t work. I would have to tell everyone to walk to one place when the bomb goes off. I basically am looking for something to make one input do something to every player.

Okay, so when the bomb is planted, (in this case, when it is triggered) connect the trigger to a relay to a teleporter which teleports everybody to the bomb.
You could also add lots large-sized zones to cover the whole map and when the trigger is triggered, activate all of the zones which are connected to a respawn device which respawns all of the players

But how would I make the one input teleport everyone?

From the Relay.
The Relay gets triggered when the bomb is planted and teleports everybody to the bomb.

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I have one large one at the moment for detecting weather a player has chosen a team yet right now from some goofy bug i couldn’t figure out, but it works now.

It worked, thanks so much. Well, it worked for my small test, we will have to see what happens when i integrate it with the rest of the stuff on the actual map.

You’re Welcome!
Also, you don’t need to add the resolved tag to resolved posts because solutions replaced it.

Welcome to the forum! Relays are very useful for these kind of things, and you’ll find that it is helpful in a lot of scenarios.

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well this was interesting I heard so many comments from questioner

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