Does anyone know how to make modular arithmetic with block code?

This is for my new top secret thing I’m working on.


what’s modular arithmetic

It’s this

Yeah, there should be some code for that.

Use the floor block and some division for that. Here’s an example:


Can you explain that?

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Math words to big. Me confuzzeled

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The mod function takes the remainder when you divide m by n. First, it divides m by n. It then takes the floor of the result (greatest integer below it) and subtracts that from the result. After that, you have the remainder divided by n. So then you multiply by n again to get just the remainder.

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Modular Arithmetic isn’t really something you learn in a typical math class I think so yeah…


I don’t understand JavaScript, I’m a python person.

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Well the javascript part doesn’t matter, you really only need to to understand the english and tune out the javascript.

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Me about your words.


That’s with datatype conversions though… I don’t know about double to int conversions in gimkit…

Just notices the english. Okay!

My fault guys, I sent the link instead of the screenshot.

I’ll mark a solution after I make it in GKC.
Edit : @getrithekd can you just make a simple example - I had around 23 breakthroughs about my secret project but not about this.

Yes it is! I was taught that stuff in fourth grade! (We were never taught how to make it in code though)

Different educations, I guess. I was also focusing on the middle-high school real courses like (algebra 1, precalculus, etc.)

Well everyone used to know that in third grade !(thanks khan academy)