Does anyone know how to make a waypoint track a certain item?

Basically what is says at the top.

check this guide:

On the Nature of a Waypoint: A Comprehensive Study On the Waypoint’s Biology and Its Place In the Community [WIP] - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

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Why would you need this? You could always have an overlay pop up when the waypoint activates and the overlay hides when waypoint deactivates

I want it to track a certain item because I’m making a mrdr mystery and the admin needs to track the mrdr.

so you want it to track a specific person?

I don’t think this is possible as of now. Note: I said “think” jsyk | So I think the overlay + waypoint is your best bet

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ok thanks for the idea.

But yes I want it to track a specific person.

use a relay, and connect it to the waypoint, I gtg will come back

then why does it need to track an item?

Because the admin plays a special role. The admin can close/open doors but it needs to track a legendary evil eye that the mrdr has. The admin has to track the mrdr.

okay im back, for the method im using, i need to know something, is the team for mrder on a separate, like are you using teams?

There are 8 teams. One sheriff one mrdr one admin 4 innocent and something else.

Admin is team 6. Mrdr is team 1.

why create seperate teams for each innocent?

I just want to. Please don’t bother me for 30 minutes because i have a test to take.

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Never mind I’m finished.

Does the item go to different people?Are there multiple rounds?

There’s one big round and what do you mean by ‘the item’?

So, whatever channel turns the person into the murd, lets say it was a channel called ChangePlayerToMurd, and it’s in the team switchers, put that on the waypoint. Make sure it’s track specific player.

So basically put the waypoint on specific player and only make it activate on the channel that changes the players team to the murd