Does anyone know how to make a vault? I'm just starting out so forgive my 2 brain cells

.Does anyone know how to make a vault? I’m just starting out so forgive my 2 brain cells
I would also like to know how to turn of friendly fire between players bc its a cooperative game, and how to make a visible item granter

What type? A keycard vault?

i gotchu just wait a min

yeah its guarded by four sentries, the most powerful one drops a gold key card which you need to get in.

Ok, then place 3 sentries down, and change the settings to your liking!

Then, place the big, strong sentry. Change it to be stronger then the others! Then go in the knockout tab and make him drop a gold key card. You can use barrier art to make the vault! Then, make it so it disappears with a vending machine! Make the vending machine cost 1 gold key card and transmit on channel. Make the body not visible. Now, that the vault is open, you can become rich!

Also, sorry for the late welcome, but welcome to the community! I see you haven’t read the guidelines yet, but the most important sections are only the FAQ and about, and that’s pretty much all you need to know! Heres the link.

this or this but make sure to find the vault in the 2nd link

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I don’t understand the part after the big strong sentry thing. this is what I have rn
Screenshot 2024-04-18 4.56.42 PM

Basically, wait, do you want it like a safe, or like a bank vault?

@Jettco try following this guide!

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a weapon vault ‘;’;;‘;’;;’

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