Does anyone know how to do a cooldown for an overlay?

i have tried many of the ways but it didn’t work

someone move this to Help

It has been done

Use wire repeaters, overlay

The steps

Make the delay of the wire repeater how everlong you want, wire the overlay to the wire repeater, button clicked - wire repeater, and the wire repeater to the overlay, - Repeated - Show overlay. Make the overlay settings:
Button pressed: send channel start cooldown, hide overlay when receiving on start cooldown

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wire repeater, when overlay button clicked-wire repeater delays for x amount of time-show overlay, bing bang boom done

Look at this guide:

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overlay pressed → trigger trigger (with delay)
trigger triggered → deactivate overlay
trigger → activate overlay

so its not letting my do step 18

If you wire the overlay to a wire repeater and then wire it back (receives a pulse ----> hide overlay) then wire the overlay to another wire repeater with how long you want the cooldown to be then wire it back to the overlay and make it show.

i can only do it once

You can only do what once?

do the wire once for some reason