Does Anyone Have A Better Solution For This?

? what I’m not trying to ping I’m just saying
and sorry if I am pinging

Oh wait nevermind

It doesn’t work you can only have wire I already have a wire connecting from the zone to the repeater so it doesn’t let me make a second one

Use a Wire Repeater then like Impostor said.

(Zone) Player Leaves Zone —> (Wire Repeater) Repeat the wire pulse!

(Wire Repeater) When the wire repeater receives a pulse… —> (Repeater) Stop Repeater

it still has the problem
wait what you said is in @LxmasHaxTakis guide

Does the player still receive the resources when they leave the zone?
What’s the Delay of the Wire Repeater?

Yes, I know it is from Lxmas’ guide.

No my original problem was they can leave and reenter the zone when they enter they get the resources and the delay is 0

Yes, isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?
When the player enters/re-enters the zone, they get the item.
If they try to leave when they have entered the zone, it stops the Repeater which stops them from getting the resource.

No it’s not suppose to work like that there is a timer before an emerald spawns so the player could get emeralds easily without waiting for the timer

You’re using a Repeater for the Timer like in Lxmas’ guide right?
When the Player enters/re-enters the Zone, the Repeater waits 0.5 seconds to grant you the resource.

It doesn’t wait it just grants me the emerald the moment I enter

That’s because 0.5 seconds is not a big difference and is (slightly) unnoticeable.

I set the time to be 5 seconds

Did it work?
Also, the player won’t be granted the resource immediately unless the zone is directly wired to the item granter, it’s supposed to be Player Enters Zone —> Repeater Runs Task —> Item Granter Run Wire Pulse Block

you could use an item spawner and set the interval between spawns to what you would like

thats what I have

theres suppose to be a trigger

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Use this one to make that cheat not happen. It adds an amount to a property and grants that property repeatedly (like collecting money from a bank).


Ok I’ll try it if it works I’ll mark a solution


It works thanks :slight_smile: