Does anybody know what is going on?

I loaded into a game, and I had control of my player, but I saw everything from another player’s perspective. Like, I could see myself if the guy was right next to my player, but only then.

Oh… that is a spectator glitch. Refresh and please mark a solution!

There was already a post about this. See the post below.

was it someone else’s map? if so it could be a camera point

It was @BreathTaking 's map, we were playing together, I loaded in late, and another player’s view was being shown, like i was spectating, but still in the game.

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probably, as said above, the spectator glitch. nothing too bad…

Read my attached post cus it explains it. I had it happen to my friend while I was editing a GKC map.

ik, it’s happened to me multiple times.

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