Does anybody know how to make an item clear from your inventory as soon as you get it

the title explains it all

like if you grab an item it removes everything in your inv?

say you mine something with the pickaxe, and you don’t get it. That’s what I want

item granter that grants -(x) of an item

Button → Item granter
When button pressed grant item.
Then button → another Item granter
But this time make the item granted negative

yeah but how do I detect that I just got the item?

then do what hacker said and make button invisible or not. do you have an item obtaining system already?

Inventory item manager with property

Link the property to a counter

target is 1

if reach target, take away item granter and reset counter.

Happy gimkitting! (Hopefully this helps!)

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I’ll try that, thanks for the help

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how do you reset the counter?

Nevermind, found it

In the target section I think

reset counter when reaching target that setting

I have to go though. So if you have any more questions, you will have to ask someone else.

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