Does anybody know how to make a scoreboard in game with counters

Please use detail in response :+1:

I’m busy right now so I can’t help with a detailed explanation but:
This should go in help, not devices
You should use properties instead

Wait. Can my guild actually be used for once?!! :smile:

Idk if this is the right thing you want though…

wdym for once? My guilds gets barely read at all lol
Also I think your the quoting system for your account is broken:

not what i see
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I mean for comments.
But anyway let’s get back on topic.
@cardebm, what do you want the leaderboard to track?

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I know. I’ve been saying that on both my guides.

I want it to track the amount of elimanations each team has

Use this in map settings :smile:
Also put it on high to low.

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I know that but I want to make it so the players dont have to look at the leaderboard and just have to look at the counters

Make them player scoped and connect to a property which is on a game overlay that is also player scoped. Make the leaderboard score based on said property.

I meant for all players to look at other players score without looking at the leaderboard.

Use @th3_ca1tsune way if you want to have only yourself.

That would not exactly be possible unless you had a grid thing that players can look at, and there is text with players names below their counter.

Did you spot this one? @Kosm0-o you might want to add another tally to @SlimArtist20375 's “guild” count.


I didn’t know my misspellings have become so popular XD


No, it’s just that I was there when you and @Kosm0-o started the count.


In the guide you mentioned it starts off with “Congregations!” Lol


I’ll just rename it to “congratulations” and no one will notice…

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Couldn’t you just have a counter increment whenever one team scores?


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