Do you want a dice in my game?

Hey! So I am making a board game and need some help. How would I make it so when your turn starts, all barriers except the behind you turns on.
EDIT: So the way the game works is that on your turn the barriers seperating the squares deactivates and you can moves forward. When you move into the next zone the barrier behind you activates so you can’t go back. However, that means on the first square you could go back. How would I make it so that way on the first zone the one behind you doesn’t open.

@EggNoodle solved this part.

All I need is this:
Do you want a custom dice in my game? (I will choose 7 of the dices that you guys put). Please put a number 1-10 on each side (6 sides). Also, choose a rarity and a cost (ingame)

Rarities -
Super LeGIMdary

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Whay do you mean by first square? Does it mean the start square

See if these guides help.

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What ever square you start your turn in

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@harharharhar83 Wait, don’t read those, they’re long and complicated. I think I’ve found a… a way of some sort.

I think that you could use a counter. Whatever you roll goes into the counter, assuming you use a property, and zones are connected so that you are directed the total number of roll numbers square. Ex. You roll a 6 you go to a square connected with a 6. This might not be possible im just throwing out ideas.

Place teleporters on each square, and make it so they teleport the player there on channel “squareNumber” . Replace Number with the order of the square, like on square one type in the channel “square1”; square 12 type in “square12”.
Create a property named square or something. When it’s your turn, the player will have a Game Overlay called Roll Dice. Overlay pressed > Trigger
Block code:

Set Property: square
Value: Get Property: Square + [random integer from 1 to 6]
Broadcast Message on Channel: create text with: square
Get Property: square

This should make it so the player teleports to the corresponding square. Tell me if this works.


you can make it so that when it’s “not there turn” they have a speed of zero

What eggnoodle said is what i was trying to say but he gave it way more detailed :blush:

So the barriers will never deactivate? It will just send them there immediately?

Yes that will happen

You can make it so speed is 0 for everyone. No need for barriers, but it depends on how the game works.


If you do want barriers then you can use a coordinate system to tell where the player is and activate all the other barriers, but it would take a decent amount of block code so EggNoodle’s solution is better and I think more memory efficient.

Thanks! That worked! I’ll probaly keep this up for dice ideas!


What exactly are these dice ideas? Like designs?

No like what numbers on what side.
Like how in mario party each character has their own dice.

I havent played mario party…

So their is the basic dice, 1-6 and then some charcters have their own dice
like 4,4,4,5,5 and 1-3, 6-8 on the sides

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just have normal dice and maybe sometimes special dice