Do you think they should add likes and dislikes to gimkit discovery

i can help with the problem of people using clickbait titles for plays

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I’m not sure about a like/dislike system but more of a reaction system instead, idk something simple yet unique

I also don’t want this to get flagged but this is a really good suggestion for gkc err- gkd? (I don’t know)

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@SCRATCH, suggestions & theories are for Please mark a solution to end this.

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This is off topic and probably not. That’s why reporting exists. Mark a solution.

dislikes would yes disencourage thumbnail stealers and brain rot kids
but would also promote negativity in short the original publishers probably become either

  1. your average toxic cod 12 yr old
  2. suicidal
  3. depressed
  4. more desperate kids that want likes and plays
    this aint youtube kid

Suicidal is a bit far, don’t you think?

good point any other solutions

yes, they should it would be awesome

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