Do you think my plot could connect to the actual Lore?

My game is a ffa with lore, and I wonder if this could be canon. (Ofc its NOT, but it could be valid.)
I want my game to be as loyal to the plot of Gimkit as possible, so tell me if I have any flaws.

On the ship called the Betastar, years after Dr. Aventon and Vesper barely escaped to The Crafter’s ship, a murder happened on the ship killing Vesper. The Crafter (Other important guy) And Dr. Aventon (That guy in the logs of One Way Out) suspect it was one of the crew members (You all) You start blaming each other until there is no choice but to fight to the death. Tensions are too high (The FFA part of the game) The day before war, Dr. Aventon and the Crafter go missing. And that furthers the stakes to be crowned the sole captain of the Betastar.

It seems good to me


I would like it if I could but unfortunately I ran out of likes.
So, great job, I’m not an expert on lore, but it seems good to me.

What’s a ffa? @sirad

free for all?
random but logical guess


Ok. I did not know @Little.

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