Do you need to use a relay to damage everyone?

Do you need to use a relay to damage everyone?

Yes, select “all players” .


For devices that change something for one player:
item granter
health granter
etc, these are player-scoped by default and cannot be changed, you will need a relay to change the scope.

then there are devices where you can select the scope:
game overlays
etc, these have scopes that can be changed.

Then there are the ones are not changeable:
Player coordinates device
etc. These are globally scoped and cannot be changed.

So why dosent’t this work?
Screenshot 2024-06-11 10.29.33 AM
I made it that everyone gets damaged every 5 seconds
Screenshot 2024-06-11 10.32.48 AM

I think the relay has to be before the wire repeaters for some reason

figured out system:

lifecycle: game starts

audience: all players
relay channel: damage players

trigger when receiving on channel: damage players
when triggered, transmit on channel: damage players
delay: 5 seconds
trigger by collision: no
visible in game: no

damage amount: (your choice)
damage player when receiving on channel: damage players


That dosent work, I think because there’s no wire connected to the Lifecycle.

Try making the delay of the wire repeater 4.9 seconds and the other wire repeater has a delay of 0.1 seconds.

Oh… I’m already using @chrysostom 's solution. Do you know what wire I should connect the Lifecycle to?

Lifecycle → relay → trigger → damager . If thats what you mean. If you are talking about wiring into a lifecycle then i dont think its possible.

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sorry I forgot to add this:

lifecycle, relay: event occurs —> trigger relay

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Gnight guys. Glad you found a solution joe!

for chrys

Could you update game of the week in alt discovery? Just choose something that you think is amazing and hasnt been chosen yet! You dont have to make a poll for it this week…

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wait a moment what week is it?
(for the alt discovery?)

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It still dosen’t work

Does it do any damage?

weird because it works for me

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The problem might be that the relay is only used once…?
@chrysostom check gcp

Anything I did wrong?
Screenshot 2024-06-11 1.27.05 PM

Use channels, not wires.

It’s supposed to damage all players every 5 seconds but it doesn’t damage anyone at all.

maybe check the relay’s audience, and check the wire repeater to make sure there is a delay

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@joe , are you still here? check the previous post…

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