Do you guys have any ideas?

I need some ideas for SSBU things. (I have the season pass now. )I tried your ideas and it worked. Thanks @Blackhole927 Anyways, do you guys have any ideas for power ups and things (such as the smash ball)?


Everyone was on the Update and Gimkit Awards post, sorry. I’m doing Sonic. WhereIsMyHat and MOON and others are doing Mario. Super Smash Bros. is another choice.
Combine GKCP (Gimkit Creative Platformer) with already existing modes. For example, Snowbrawl, that’d be awesome.

for the record, SSBU stands for Super Smash Bros. Ultamate


Ohhhhh, Ok, thanks.

  • The star, no damage
  • The Super Hammer/Abilety, x2 damage
  • Sonic Speed, x2 Speed

oooooh! good ideas!

How would I make them spawn tho?

A randomizer that randomly shows props in the shapes as these. Along with a zone.

Don’t forget if you’re ready please mark a solution!

Also here’s a randomizer guide:

cool! this’ll be so useful!

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