Do the flag channels not work or am i lazy?

So i am making flag game with weapons and etc but whenever i capture the flag the channels dont work. is this a glitch or i did not work hard enough?

Channels 3

Can you show me a picture of each ones settings, showing what channel they are receiving and transmitting on?

ok i will try to share it

What device transmits, “the player has dropped the flag”?

Ok if something is wrong then what’s happening i mean this is second one i have caught recently about flag channels being weird…maybe its @Jeffo trying to add DLD mechanics and glitches accuring? or am i getting amped for nothing?

if someone holding the flag is shot they drop the flag.

i think so too @Legobuilder

I doubt it’s ready yet. Besides, it’s more likely just a simple mistake with the devices.

what do you mean?

So, A lifecycle or a knockout manager?

someone else mentioned another channel for flags being added but it did nothing then after a bit it stopped doing it…

The same mistakes happen a lot. This is always true.

is it something todo with the spaces?

Can you show me the setup, and/or the device settings of every other device in the set up?

ok i will try to do that

alright so when the flag is captured, it transmits on a channel.

and the flag is captured when it receives a signal from the same channel?

i think some of these aren’t working because you misread them

Maybe but im thinking i did something wrong.

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ok now i really gtg

Yeah @WhereIsMyHat give me like a day to show you it.

It’s fine. I’m only Here_to_help (laughs at joke) or I guess I’m not. (I’m trying to say that I care less about solutions.)