Do not reply, let it close

It would be cool if there was…

Umm, this is off topic.

We really need a junk tag
instead of puting it in devices

next time be kinder or don’t reply
@AJiscoolBoI727 please mark a solution

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There was no category to put this in

this is a suggestion, suggestions go here!

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nice pfp! did you draw it?
@AJiscoolBoI727 please note these forums are only for gimkit creative map building

You guys need to stay on topic. This chat is off topic.

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Thanks! and yes I did draw it. I tried to match the pose with the “my students are all morons” meme.

@AJiscoolBoI727 please mark a solution to close this

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Please listen to this advice.

listen to jeff and follow the advice that more of the clutter comes from people telling others to stop

Ok lets stay on topic

@AJiscoolBoI727 can you mark a solution(checkbox under post) to avoid more flags ?

what do you mean how do you mark a solution

it’s how we avoid clutter around here

we need to have a area for off topic stuff

we should not need one
devices works and people swam to the off-topic post to find out why it is off-topic
also if there is a category it makes it seem allowed

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hey @AJiscoolBoI727 want to work on our gimkit map :cat::cat::cat::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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