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so im just wondering which forum rule i broke that i got suspended for i’ll try not to break the rules on this alt just curious which rule i broke

This is off-topic, but you can ping @Jeffo to ask why. He’s a mod in this forum.

alright hey @Jeffo just curious which rule did i break to get my old acct suspended i’ll try not to break rules on this alt

I think I saw you off topic posting, and posting memes. That is probably why your old account was suspended.

mine i guess you already know got suspended for rule breaking but anyways lets try not to break rules this time i guess

I don’t know why, but i don’t recommend making a new account to stay here. I would rather wait for my ban run out patiently since if you keep ban evading (meaning: if you get banned and you make a new account to get back), your ban can get worse.

Please delete this account. Your ban can get worse.

well thats why i said i’ll try not to break rules on this alt to avoid that

Because ban evades aren’t allowed.

ah whatever still a month is pretty long but what remember to email me if you want help on ur map @anon2839128391283


lets just not post i guess?

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just try to change it to anon2839128391283 and reset your profile picture

i would also delete this topic don’t reply in this alt acc and don’t even have the off topic tag

You can pm the mods by clicking on the three dots in the dashboard bar, clicking on groups, clicking on moderators, then you should see a message button.

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