[DO NOT REPLY] deleted topic

UUuuuuuhhh… another one?

So, this is not a wiki… you can’t edit it…

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well, there’s nothing on there, and guides should probably have something in them

also, you’re tl1, and only tl3s can make wikis. but you could get pharlain to make it a wiki for you


OK, thank you… How do I contact them?

go to the more section (on the sidebar), and click groups. then go to moderators and click message if i’m not mistaken

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This isn’t a wiki,
A guide is suppose to have a guide
Maybe add a guide?
Also there’s already hat’s and MANY more guides on this

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YEAH this is another one!

how do I see if they messaged me back?

you’ll get a notification, but i’m gonna stop being off-topic because i don’t wanna get banned


OK me too…

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@Cellofive sorry for the ping Can you make this a wiki for me please! (I have been wanted to make this a wiki for a while now, and I think it could help new people)

Tl3s, cant make a post a wiki. We have to post ourselves the post and turn it into a wiki other wise it doesn’t work.

I can’t make other’s posts wikis

I know that (as demonstrated by some of the other wikis I saw)

we also already have a wiki for game ideas

Then why did you ask

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Uh then why would you ask…


can you mark a solution?

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