DLD glitches not double jumping

hey so legobuilder has been working on his hard parkour map and we noticed that sometimes when using a slide you don’t double jump even when you walk onto it.

so is this a glitch because i worked hard making sure theres no gaps and that its lined up and it still happens so glitch or my stupidty not relizaing something

Is the slide so steep to where when you jump off it you can’t double jump? Also, have you gone through all the normal procedures?

ummm… it might be too steep but idk

maybe it might be to steep but sometimes you can double jump

It’s not a bug, it’s a found technique. I learned this a few days ago.

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It’s probely not a bug really since your props are that steep. Try different angles then report back please.

And what Eggnoodle said.

What’s the name of the Parkour map? I might’ve just been playing it. :rofl:

Does the entire prop you’re using have collision or just the base? It could of course be a Platformer-caused bug. :beetle:

a found technique? but your required to double jump for the box if you can’t gain enought speed

What’s your point here?

well lego released his map but we are making a new addtion to it and i suggsted more slide parkor and then the first one i built we run into a problem but waiting for lego to come back

i need to double jump for the box the double jump dosen’t work but i have an idea change the slope angle which im waiting for legobuilder

I think he’s refering to SJR (Slope Jump Resetting), where if you jump on a slope, you can reset your double jump sometimes. You can become consistent too.

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So, do you need any help while waiting for them?

no were walking on to it and then sliding

no were fine otherwise



Is it this one?

no @harharharhar83 didn’t help make it and thats not a part of it, think of it as a 100% perfection needed to play to get through can’t get to the first checkpoint because you need perfect jumps to not die from lasers (not advertising because im not sharing the map)

OK. It sounds cool, though I don’t think I’d be able to beat it. :rofl: I’m good at DLD hard jumps, but not perfect.


Heeey! I played that! It’s really good btw!

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