Distance within two players!

How do I check the distance between 2 players?

Waypoint connected to a player. The other player can see the distance in metres. You could also use a tag zone to arbitrarily tell how far players are from each other.

Coordinate systems, one tile is approximately 1 meter.

Alright, I’ll try it out.

Is it possible to check the distance between the two players using block code?

I don’t think so.

However, I am not the #1 at block code, so you could ask @mysz, @getrithekd, or @Blackhole927.

I don’t think there is.

Oh ok. How would I make it work using a tag zone?

Make multiple tag zones that a certain team has, and the radius for each one gets increasing larger, when the player gets tagged, set a property to something. Don’t do anything when a player gets tagged.

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Thanks! This should work!

Use a coordinate plane…


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Oops… Sorry. coordinate SYSTEM

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