Disappearing Checkers

So a few hours ago, I was building my map (as usual). To make sure it saved, I pressed the “save” button a few times. Then I logged off. Now, I get back on, on a different computer, and 6 of the checkers are missing!

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Can you check the save on your original device to see if the data is still there?

Sadly, not right now. I’ll check as soon as possible.

Agh this is annoying. Now I have to replace, rewire, reset, and all of that.

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AAAAAGH this is still happening to this same computer, even though I closed out the tab! This is actually really annoying.


Probably a save issue on gimkit’s part.

Yeah, and it’s only working on checkers that use so many wires that it takes forever to do it and I have no more time left to do other

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I can help you with that on wix if you need it.

No, it’s okay. I got it (for now). If I need help, I’ll post it there.

And now I am going to spam save and if it does not save I will-