Disable Item Spawners

Can I make an item spawn, such as using an item spawner, that once picked up doesn’t respawn for the rest of the game? I understand that you can set the respawn time for item spawners to ten minutes but I want it to never respawn as the game will usually last longer than that.

Edit: There’s probably lots of questions about this but I wasn’t able to find anything.

So you could connect a button. Ill put in some pics, @arc5030 give me a sec

You can’t disable them, but you might be able to make the respawn time really big.

That’s what I’ve tried, but the game lasts longer than the item spawner’s highest respawn time of ten minutes

Like this?
This is the button.

Try placing a zone with item drop disabled over it. See if you aren’t able to pick it up. If there’s an option to disable item picking up, then disable that as well.

I believe this system works best for what I need, thanks for all the suggestions:

Screenshot 2023-11-14 12.41.44

Wire from zone to barrier: “When player leaves zone” → “Activate barrier”. The barrier itself is invisible and deactivated when the game starts

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You are so welcome.

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