Dig up bug help :(

Im having trouble with dig up because it keeps on making me dig even though i did not touch any button like what? :frowning: I can’t even play anymore because i could only dig what is in front of my Gim character.
I tried refreshing but nothing works and i do not want to restart my progress!
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its because your on mobile and its hard for the buttons to collide with the proper wire so maybe consider playing on a computer!


I don’t have a computer. RIP guess like i have to wait until this is fixed.

you also have to hit a block multiple times before it breaks,and you are moving. When the alpha on the block deceases you can see that you are breaking it. so try and click the same block a few times.


yea so just mark a solution so we can finish this once and for all

its not a bug…


I can’t click anything else with the pick axe. It just one click what is in front of me and I can’t position the pick axe.

Hmmm… that’s weird. Is your touchscreen working properly?

because only the blocks you are standing on break, and when you hold it down it will break. It does in your video which is how i know its not a bug.

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yea that mean its just not meant for mobile :confused:

and i use a touchscreen pc and it does work perfectly fine, you just have to double tap that location.

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I think you are getting confused. I am saying that i am not touching the screen. I soon as i take out the pickaxe it instantly starts mining. When i am trying to mine other materials it does not work. It just stuck there in one position.

you just have to click the dirt block twice

its not compatible with your device cuz its a small device and its touch screen so just don’t play the game if you don’t want but other wise you cant do much Abt that issue just play the way it is ig.

that is weird, have you clicked left click and then click right click? it triggers auto mine( yes it does the same with gadgets)?

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Doesn’t work. :frowning: idk why

also it has a range for the reach of two blocks by two blocks and if you miss you might have to click and hold the button to mine.

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could be dirty screen or keyboard it can the sensors can often get clogged and hold down the button try cleaning it with a LITTLE BIT of cleaning spray and wiping it with a paper towel

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