Dig It Up Question

Although this is unrelated to creative, does anyone know what happens if you get all 10 keys in dig it up?

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@Pharlain man a third? thats crazy. by any chance did you read forum-beginners ? it is required.

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also welcome back @Max-Grass I don’t think you can do anything yet there might be more discoveries though that might lead up to what to do with the keys


eh, I am on pretty good terms with her.

Thank you @THEHACKER120 for the warm welcome.

u still shouldn’t ping the mods. @Max-Grass ? this is kinda off-topic and not related to gimkit creative.


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Sorry for the not so warm welcome, this is the third post today about this.

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welcome back, and if you get 10 keys, you’ll unlock a secret interaction that explains why the mayor was in the balloon in the first place

he was trying to get to a council of mandronix meeting, which was in the sky

Any specific place you get get the keys? And how do you find out about the Mayor when you have the 10 keys?

i don’t know the list, but one of the golden keys is very close to spawn and admiral pulsar will give you a key (admiral pulsar is apparently very high up above doug, which is what i heard)

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I already did. I tagged it resolved.

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And also it will make you mayor

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