Did they recently name these props something else?

I don’t regonize these props having “(Wide)” or “(Tall Vertical)”.

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Wait let me check this out-

I thought they were like, horizontal or something. BUT NO

it could be from the next update

Like gimkit’s going to release the update today, or this is from the new update?

If it’s from the new update, i’m pretty sure no one would be excited about props being renamed.

sometimes things from new updates show up early

Oh yeah, true.

Are you looking for this???

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No, i picked the tall ones.

Also, welcome to the community @Jackson!


welcome @Jackson I hope you enjoy your time here
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Ok. maybe it’s a new Update

Can’t wait for the update if it is coming out today.

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I probably isn’t
this just means they are working on it
and we might see it in a few weeks

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aw man ):

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it might be a little late but welcome @Jackson

uh, they were always this way…

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Welcome to the forums @Jackson.

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