Devices not showing (resolved)

So I went onto my map to edit a few things and some devices of mine are not showing.
Screenshot 2024-02-06 7.38.06 AM
also this…
Screenshot 2024-02-06 7.39.01 AM

what should I do?

Leave and rejoin- see if that fixes it.


it didn’t work. Also, some of my map got deleted for some reason.

Ah- I forgot to say save before refreshing :frowning:
Does placing down devices still result in invisible devices? Are you able to click on the invisible devices?

Gimkit Has Been Undergoing some playtesting I should say. The wix is going crazy:


This may be off-topic, but I want to say Gimkit is probably experimenting with a new update

The stuff that got deleted was made like a week ago. The devices are showing now, but the wires got deleted.

The mechanics of the devices are working but the devices themselves aren’t showing.

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Does placing down new devices result in them also being invisible, or was it just those specific devices?

It was those specific devices, but my map is working fine and after reloading it for a 5th time, everything is showing. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


Mark a solution. , if it is solved.

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